The busy-ness of life.

I’ve not done anything this week.

Well. Here anyway.

It’s been busy.

In the last couple weeks we’ve lost a cat, celebrated a birthday, broke an arm, found a cat, got a flat, replaced the tires, visited the eye doctor, diagnosed the broken arm, hosted a party, visited the airport a few times, church, ordered glasses, sent the other car off for repairs, got a cast, and then fit normal life in the middle.

Yup. busy.

And I’ve been brainstorming and writing lots of extra words trying to focus my 31 days project well.

So that’s where all my words have been.

Instead of here.

All in all it’s been interesting but overwhelming.

But I’ve finally gotten a better feel for what I want to do here in October. I will share more in that later, of course.

Is anyone else joining the 31 days craze?

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And for you: my adorable not-bothered-at-all-by-a-cast baby. :)

Ranger is 2.5!

Ranger is officially two and a half this week. It is so much fun. He is getting better at communicating so we can actually have conversations. He has started to ask for things nicely (“I would like some insert word here, please [sometimes].” It is really nice.

He and Ali have fun playing together at times now. A few days ago he was playing with Ali while she chilled in her packnplay while I was sorting clothes. He rubbed his face back and forth on the mesh really fast and made fun noises. Both he and Ali were laughing hysterically. But by the time they were through Ranger had a rug-burn on his poor little nose and now has quite the impressive scrape face.

– is figuring out how to ride his bike (no pictures, sorry! Next time.)
– has expressed an interest in the potty chair though we haven’t really started yet. I’m halfway thinking about delaying the training 6 months and just civilizing both at the same time. (Has anyone potty trained an 18 month old before?)
– still loves books, outside, airplanes, bubbles, and lots of tromping.
-loved camping.
-shocked me by playing with playdoh for two hours straight the day we opened it.
– loves going to get daddy from the airport and riding on the escalator over and over while we wait.

Here’s a little of what he was up to the last two months. The pictures posted backwards, just fyi. So this is from now back to june.

Throwing rocks.

Falling asleep reading.

Decorating the sleeping cat.


So done with hiking (he managed about half a mile, before collapsing like this.)
Good morning light while camping.
Books. This is why we go to the library.

We’re so cute.
Tromping with Ali in the barstools










And that’s our boy. He’s too cute :)

The Normal Christian Life: Ch #7


Chapter 7: The Eternal Purpose.

In this chapter Nee talks about God’s purpose in creation and redemption. He says, “It may be summed up in two phrases, one from each of our two sections of Romans. It is “the glory of God” (Romans 3:23), and “the glory of the children of God” (8:21).

And that’s it.

It’s all about glory.

Some of the key quotes for me in this chapter were surrounding the idea of sin, our obsession with sin, and our identity as sons of God.

  • “Man’s thought is always of the punishment that will come to him if he sins, but God’s thought is always of the glory man will miss if he sins.”
  • Isn’t that just trippy? I think it is so true though. We are scared for our lives, but He is just disappointed we didn’t get to see His best when we sin.

  • “God is not out to reform our life.”
  • In context Nee is saying that God doesn’t want to just change our lives, He wants to change us. And not just change, but completely make us new.

  • “He must have a new man; one born anew, born of God.”
  • “The question is not whether you are a bad man or a good man, but simply, are you a man?”
  • Just by being human we are disqualified from being part of the “divine family of God”. Being good or bad doesn’t even come into the equation.

  • “But when we receive the Son of God, not only do we receive the forgiveness of sins; we receive also the divine life which was represented in the garden by the tree of life.”
  • We only gain entrance to God’s family through His son’s gift of that divine life.

  • “It is for this reason we can live a life of holiness, for it is not our own life that has been changed, but the life of God that has been imparted to us.”
  • And it is also the only way we can live a life pleasing to Him. Because we have a whole new life in us, not a reformed old life.

  • “Do you notice that, in consideration of the eternal purpose, the whole question of sin ultimately goes out?”
  • Isn’t that interesting? When we think about what God’s overarching plan is, it becomes completely irrelevant how good or bad we are. We are simply asked to live out of the new life gifted to us instead our own efforts at improvement.

Does that make any sense to you?

What does it mean when we keep sinning no matter how hard we try?

What does it mean to live from the new life?

How can we live out of the new life?


Good News for Weary Women by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick {Book Review}

I’ll be honest and say that I picked this book because I expected not to like it. It seemed like good fodder for a writer just coming to terms with a little bit of feminism.


Books written specifically for women can be hard to stomach.

But I was surprised with this one.

Good News for Weary Women was gracefully written and gracefully delivered.

And by ‘gracefully’ I mean ‘as if filled with grace’ not ‘as if flitting lightly through a field of daisies’.

Grace filled pages.

In this book, Elyse M. Fitzpatrick, offers us hope and freedom from the expectations of the world as she writes about the completely finished work of Christ, our place in the salvation story, and our work in His creation. Instead of searching for acceptance and peace by doing more and being better, we can rest and have faith that God doesn’t need (or require) our many and small efforts. Fitzpatrick carefully outlines the gospel and exactly what it means for us, as women in a world of too much to do, too many opinions, and too many expectations, to be gifted a place of acceptance in God’s eyes. We can stop trying to measure up and just rest.

As I said before I picked this book up expecting not like it.

And the reason showed up in the first chapter, but it wasn’t quite as bad as I was expecting. In the chapter, called “How did we end up here?”, Elyse tackles the topic of feminism. She says that feminism caused the rise of the “Biblical Womanhood” movement with all its corresponding rules and expectations. Which is true. Technically speaking that particular response wouldn’t have been triggered without feminism, but you also have to think where we’d be without feminism and what the subsequent rules those events would have triggered. I think that whatever events transpired we would end up worn out, overworked, and trying too hard. It’s just how sin is working in this world.

You can’t blame the world’s problems on one movement or another. Well, you can try. But that’s not the root of the problem.

And here’s where the book surprised me and addressed the other side:

“The truth is that both radical feminism — lies sold go women in the name of equality — and radical femininity — lies sold to women in the name of Christianity — have harmed women and children. But while Christians have been quick to engage in conversations about the repercussions of misguided feminism, there hasn’t been much acknowledgment of the way women are harmed when they are force-fed rules that go beyond Scripture — rules that are products of a particular culture rather than gospel.”
– Elyse M. Fitzpatrick in Good News for Weary Women: Escaping the Bondage of To-Do Lists, Steps, and Bad Advice

And that is when I started to give the book more grace and actually hear the words more easily. Sure, there are points we disagree on, but agreeing that neither extreme is good is an excellent place to converse and continue to agree on more things.

I also really appreciated that Fitzpatrick is big on theology. I liked seeing themes from The Normal Christian Life come up as she expounded on the work of Jesus dying on the cross and the Gospel message.

The really good part of this book was the grace. I think that for most women it would have been a bit more mind blowing, but for me it seemed familiar and right, but still freeing, since I have been inundating myself with grace giving books the last few years.

Overall, I ended up feeling like I can wholeheartedly stand behind most of what this wise lady had to say. I’d recommend this book for women who feel like they just have too much to do and can’t say no without risking their credibility as a Christian.

(Though I would put a disclaimer in for people who lean towards feminism… or even towards fundamentalism.. : both these takes on women take a harsh critique so only read it if you can hear words you disagree with and then keep listening without shutting down. But that is honestly only a small part of this book and Elyse deals with both sides so circumspectly that only the Gospel comes out on top. So a warning. But then not.)
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale House for review purposes and all opinions are my own.
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When do you feel most worn out by expectations?

Ali-Cadalli is 1!

Ali ali. What can I say?

You’re a wild child, dear.

In case you didn’t know already. :)

You have leveled up to climbing on the dining room table to play in our water glasses. That was a surprise.

You make me dash across the house very quickly sometimes.

You are learning how to talk and can sign eat, please, and all done. You say ‘Mo’ for more, nana for mama but only when you’re mad. You say dad nd do (dog) and woof and dee (please) and yeah. You are quite happy when you learn one more new thing to say what you need.

Walking is coming along quite well and I think if you didn ‘t always want to go everywhere at the speed of light you’d find your skills quite adequate. But crawling is faster still and you go Boom! less. So that’s what you do.

It’s so fun watching you turn into your own little person with a rambunctious and beautiful personality.

Here’s to many more sweet years, Missy Girl.

Happy birthday!

-mommy :)

Daddy is the best.

Matching in sunglasses are awesome!
The dress has pockets!
Daddy kisses.


Diving through chairs can be an exhilarating sport fro spectators and participants alike.


ali birthday-1-2

ali birthday-1-3

ali birthday-1
You’re a happy camper :)