5 months!

Goodness, in my mind I keep telling myself I need to write my baby’s 8 month post, though it feels like only 3 months and is actually only 5. My poor confused mommy brain. Anyways, here it is august 8th already and my little guy is 5 months old.

So, Israel’s version of wompy’s accomplishments:

  • He rode his first buffalope
  • He jumps really good. Like 7 ft high.
  • He can grab things
  • He can roll around when he wants to get somewhere
  • He wears a shark all the time for fun
  • He knows how to scream really loud if he wants to
  • He knows that you put stuff in your mouth but he hasn’t figured out what to do with it from there…
  • He’s working on growing., he’s got two of them.
  • He can chew on people
  • He can almost sit up
  • He tries to sit up from eating when he needs to burp or when he’s done.
  • He got new toys! And he really likes them. He was so happy when we gave them to him.
  • He can sleep.
  • He drove his first car.
  • He ran 4 miles.
  • He likes the cats.
  • He is figuring out how to be gentle
  • He’s lots more coordinated with his left hand than with his right.

And that seems like the bulk of what he has figured out. :) so much cuteness is hard to remember to put into words. :)

And on to the pictures!












And just for fun….


But we’ll see how it goes… Lol


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