Run 4 Luv 5k

Race day was last saturday! It was fun and I didn’t do as well as I would hVe liked, but overall it was a good experience with a valuable lesson.


In small races with starts that include racers of all distances (5k, 10k, half marathon), don’t start out so far back.

I think I could have run a faster race if I had started closer to the front of the pack. Where I started, I ended up trying to run around people for the first half of the race. It definitely slowed me down. If I’d been free to run a little faster in the first half of the race when I was fresh It would have helped my pace over all.

(These two pictures are just about a hundred yards from the start)

By the middle of the race I was finally in a clearer spot and I was tired already, but the 5k’ers had peeled off and I had a better idea of who I was racing. I made myself start picking people off.


Israel met me with the munchkins and ran the last 3/4 of a mile or so to try and speed me up a bit, but I was dying and it was about all I could do to keep the girl behind me from catching me.

I finished with a time of 29:16 ( on my watch..gun time was 29:41 which tells you a little of how far back I started). I felt like I had tun hard by the end, didn’t want to go any further, and was glad go see the finish line, but I still think I could have been a little faster (i’m kinda competitive).

Most people were slowed down a bit by the rain and slush, but I didn’t notice it too much on the 5k course.

Ali was tired of being in the stroller so we jetted as soon as I was done (i even somehow forgot they would have chocolate at the finish line! For shame) and didn’t wait for results or awards.

They put the results up late that night and I was really surprised to see that I had gotten first in my age group (how did that happen? I was so slow!) and placed 11th overall (6th woman). So that was a fun surprise, even though I felt like I was slow. I guess those are the advantages of a smaller field. :)

I’m kinda looking forward to similar advantages with this event organizer in the future.

My last 5k was 7 weeks after Ali was born so this time was a pretty good improvement on the last even though I was hoping for faster. Last 5k was 32:48. My PR, a few years ago and before babies, is 25:50. I’m still looking to improve that, obviously :)

Any tips or advice for racing smarter? How was your last race?

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